Why should I?

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Ars Technica points out the recent, troubling trend of landing pages that ask you to subscribe or get the app before you know anything about the site. I know I have run into this many times before.
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Esoteric Icons

As someone who has designed thousands of icons, this was a fascinating article.

I actually worked with some people involved in the original ANSI graphic standards. Jake Patla was an Industrial Designer at Xerox who designed the Start icon when he got tired of waiting for a standard. Also, I worked with some engineers at Smith Corona who were on the ANSI committee and would often explain to me the twisted rationale behind some of the more esoteric symbols. I never knew the Power icon-set was simplified until I read this article. It’s about time.

The Esoteric Symbols Behind User Interfaces, Explained

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Interacting with a real space, virtually

You’ve probably seen this already – but in case you haven’t, please take a moment to watch this.

Yes, inFORM has a very coarse resolution but it will surely get better.  This reminds me of early videos of Jeff Han and his multi-touch interface which forever changed UX. I am not making such predictions about this, but I think all remote workers need one of these to establish a more real, virtual presence in meetings. 😉

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